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Any video can be distributed with social features for desktop and mobile viewing

A social online video platform used to manage, distribute and capture video content. Find out how so many enterprises reduce costs and improve viewer engagement using the KZO Video Suite for all of their on-demand video needs.

Video Distribution

The KZO Video Suite distributes interactive, on-demand video anywhere, anytime

Search & Metadata

The KZO Video Suite makes specific moments of a video discoverable

Index videos and using a multitude of metadata options for search


The KZO Video Suite drives viewer engagement with social video features

On-demand content becomes collaborative with threaded discussions, social media sharing, and notifications


The KZO Video Suite simplifies video support for enterprise applications

Share video content and integrate the features of the KZO Video Suite with existing systems and portals

Video Upload & Capture

The KZO Video Suite redefines all source video

Host video from any source and easily create new content


The KZO Video Suite provides administrative control and oversight

Group and role-based permissions allow for granular control for specific groups or platform-wide

Security & Permissions

The KZO Video Suite provides a flexible, secure enterprise video platform

Content owners can select the level of permissions for groups, the level of user authentication, and secure the delivery of the video stream




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