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New knowledge and skills start to fade away as soon as your participants finish their training. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced over time.

That’s why we created the Mindmarker training reinforcement system. Traditional training increases productivity an average of 22%, but with the Mindmarker system it can be as much as 79%.

Together with our experts, we will define your objectives and analyze your training materials to create the perfect reinforcement program. By automatically sending the reinforcement content to your participants, and providing powerfully detailed reporting in metrics top executives understand, Mindmarker helps you:

  • Improve results
  • Measure progress
  • Lower your training costs, and
  • Prove ROI

Easy to use

Designed with your participants in mind, the Mindmarker system is user-friendly and intuitive making training reinforcement easy and fun. With a sole focus on training reinforcement and no unrelated functions, the app allows you to see your Mindmarkers, access your reports and review all training materials. This keeps your participants engaged with extremely low dropout rates.

Multiple Content Formats

Mindmarkers can consist of a combination of images, video, audio, PDF documents, and questions to optimize the types of training messages to reinforce learning. All can link to external web pages on your own training portal or any other applicable websites.

You can also monitor knowledge and behavior development of participants with a variety of question types.

Learning Loop

By setting designated measurement points in the reinforcement course, you can automatically send your participants extra reinforcement if they don’t meet their objectives, either by having them repeat steps or by sending them specially formulated content to address particular learning gaps. Multiple learning loops can be designed to make sure your topics get the appropriate level of reinforcement based on your specific needs. This individual treatment of every participant creates the highest level of success of any reinforcement program available.

Custom Branding

We design the reinforcement course and Mindmarkers, but the application your participants access can be customized with your organization’s branding. Seeing a familiar logo and colors ensures participant buy-in and increases the level of engagement - providing you with better results.

Real-time Progress and Results Tracking

Advanced reports deliver live insight into participants’ progress of the reinforcement course. Users are able to access their own results giving them the opportunity to focus more on certain areas.



Contact Information

Name: Kees Wurth
Title: CEO
Phone: 855.662.7537
eMail: k.wurth@mindmarker.com
Twitter: @mindmarker


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