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Seamless Presentation Integration

Introducing the most reliable, elegant way to create live polls in your PowerPoint presentation. Insert polls directly in PowerPoint, navigate between polls, and create a beautiful, engaging experience for your audience.

Live, Real Time Charts

Astonish your audience

As your audience submits their answers, they appear live on your slide. Graphs change in size and scale. Open ended answers are there for everyone to see, or moderated as you choose.

Totally Customizable

Obey - or disobey - the brand police

Design your polls to match your presentation template. Use your organization’s logo and color scheme, or let your own imagination run wild.

Works with any device. Seriously.

Whatever your audience can carry in, they can use. That means smartphones, flip phones, candy bar style phones, Blackberries, tablets, and laptops. If they’re attending remotely, they can also use their desktop computer.




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