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Qwizdom Actionpoint is a software plug-in for PowerPoint®, designed to be used in conjunction with our audience response solution. Once installed, the Actionpoint toolbar will be part of the PowerPoint® interface the next time it is opened. The Actionpoint Suite also includes Answer Key and Survey Bar.

Qwizdom Actionpoint is an ideal choice for making data-driven decisions for a wide variety of learning environments. Using the Report Generator, data can be obtained on individual participants, small groups, or large conferences. Reports can be drilled down to subgroups, individual questions, or the topics addressed. Reports can be printed or exported into software applications such as Microsoft Excel®.

Trainers can view reports online, enabling them to evaluate participant performance data immediately. Because data can be viewed in real time, training can be modified to meet specific needs and clarify misunderstandings right away.

Answer Key is designed to turn existing worksheets, paper-based tests, and textbook materials into interactive presentations, which simplifies the collection of participant data. Using response systems, activities can be instantly scored and viewed to help trainers make informed decisions immediately, instead of having to wait for time-consuming manual correction. The Quick Mark scoring tool can also be used for participants who do not have a response system.

Survey Bar allows trainers to quickly pose questions on-the-fly with any website or application, when used in combination with the Qwizdom Response System. This simple floating toolbar also enables trainers to view and record participant responses for report generation after the activity is complete.

Change the pace of training by presenting activities as interactive games. Choose from individual or team games to help increase motivation and boost learning. Use the gaming features as a fun introduction to new learning, as a review of concepts or skills learned, or as a culmination of weekly training.



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