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Everything in Cognition - from its flexible feature set and technical delivery to its pricing model - is designed to move your business forward.


Cognition empowers you to create customized training task lists

Each user is assigned a customized Development Plan through Cognition's unique Curriculum-based hierarchy.

Associate on-boarding begins immediately, automatically assigning training tasks with due dates.

7 distinct learning module types and workflows leverage all your training resources, creating a complete, blended learning environment.


Cognition is the complete, easy to use training management solution

The system interface is the navigation for the highway on which all learning content travels, efficiently and effectively driving Students towards learning competency.

The user-friendly interface and concise workflow makes deploying and managing learning at the Enterprise level simple yet powerful.

Managing and implementing training is easy and straightforward with Cognition.


Cognition ensures ongoing success in developing learning potential

Training data is managed through user activity with a realtime event tracking system.

Tests and pre-assessments are used to measure Student learning progress.

Reports provide Administrators with analyses of individual or group progress and specific company objectives.


Cognition fosters learning within your corporate culture

Administrators define the learning plans that automatically communicate to Managers and Students.

Managers identify high potential candidates and implement cross-training opportunities, creating growth.

Students control their learning experience through a prioritized task list, due dates and historical information.


Customize Cognition to fit your training budget

Cognition's pricing model includes lease and purchase options, all without per user fees.

The architecture of the base system with add on features enables a solution that evolves with your business and training needs.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment option saves money on internal IT costs and accelerates your implementation timeline.



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