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Elements® products are flexible, scaleable, and built for today's enterprise ecosystem. They work seamlessly with an organization's existing software systems (LMS, HRIS, TMS, PMS, etc.) to modernize learning technology in a non-disruptive way.

Storepoints: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Learning Data

Storepoints Learning Record Store (LRS) helps L&D leaders unlock the full potential of their learning data. With Storepoints as your learning technology foundation, you can do things you previously only wished were possible.

  • Track Learning Everywhere
  • 100% Enterprise Integration Success Rate
  • Implement Adaptive Learning
  • Connect Learning to Performance

Waypoints: Learn By Doing

Waypoints provides an in-line software training experience so that users can learn by doing. You can deliver training that matches the latest version of the software, gain powerful insights, and prove the competency level of each trainee.

  • Learn By Doing
  • Competency Based Assessments
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)
  • Real-Time Contextual Help

Learnpoints: A Better Distance Learning Experience

Learnpoints interactive multimedia instructor allows the combining of modern concepts like adaptive learning, gamification, interactive video, advanced assessment strategies, badging and achievements, and more.

  • Unsurpassed Configuration Options
  • Any Device, Any Language
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction
  • Advanced Learning Analytics
  • Admin & Learner Portals


Contact Information

Name: Nick Washburn
Title: Director of Learning Division
Phone: 321.296.7724


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