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A Learning Record Store (LRS) is learning record repository. 

EdTotal is like an LMS except:

  • edTotal LRS costs hundreds of thousands of dollars less
  • edTotal LRS is much simpler to implement
  • edTotal LRS creates a better learning environment
  • edTotal LRS is designed to work with mobile learning solutions.

People want to learn where they are, when they want. An LMS system simply cannot accommodate this.

LRS Hosting 

EdTotal can host LRS services, providing tracking and completion records for learners in your organization.

LRS Install

EdTotal can host, install, configure, and implement a mobile learning platform and LRS within your organization’s infrastructure.

LRS Intergration with LMS

EdTotal can also host, install, configure and integrate an LRS that works with your current LMS.

Tin Can Integration

 The LRS is based on the mobile learning and compliance record-keeping standard Tin Can API. As students interact with and complete Tin Can-enabled online activities and courses, the record of their activity is sent to the edTotal LRS.




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