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Still using paper-based sign-in sheets? Instructors and registrars having difficulty recording classroom & event attendance?

Most companies still capture attendance for workshops, remote classroom training, and on-the-job training with manual processes. Automate this tedious process to increase the efficiency and accuracy of this information!

rapidLD has developed an Automated Roster Management solution—rapidRoster. This solution is a cloud-based software application to address this challenge and automate the process. rapidRoster uses barcode, magnetic swipe & proximity scanning devices that capture employee IDs from badges and electronically submits registration and enrollment information to a Learning Management System (LMS). Harnessing today’s web services technology, rapidRoster is an efficient and effective solution for capturing and recording:

  • Registration
  • Attendance
  • Duration
  • Completions

Automated roster management works for classroom, ad-hoc, and on-the-job employee training. It is also an ideal solution for seminars, conferences, meetings, and other events where capturing attendance is important.

Utilizing rapidRoster results in a number of key benefits to the organization:

  • Eliminates use of spreadsheets and paper-based sign-in sheets
  • Automates check-in/check-out process for training & other events
  • Utilizes all standard browsers on desktop, laptop & tablet devices
  • Integrates with your company’s LMS
  • Electronically capture, submit, and store rosters to your LMS in real-time
  • Validate instructors, participants, and events
  • Easily view submitted rosters
  • Supports all barcode scanning, magnetic swipe or proximity badge technology



Contact Information

Name: Jim Everidge
Title: President/CEO
Phone: 770.874.1190
eMail: JEveridge@rapidld.com
Twitter: @JimE_rapidLD


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