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Is your data dirty? If you are like the majority of learning organizations looking to leverage data about your people for business results, most likely you have found out it is. Unable to make training assignments or get reports—those are the consequences of incomplete or incorrect inbound data feeds that come from unreliable sources.

Similarly, organizations would like to connect their HCM systems to other operational systems—workforce planning, customer relationship management, financial systems—there are a host of possibilities. Unfortunately, developing and managing those integrations, particularly as software releases change, is a challenge.

rapidLD has developed a Universal Connectivity application—rapidConnect. This application addresses many of the common issues in developing integrations with HCM platforms:

  • Potential errors in data entry
  • Lack of required data to create records
  • Multiple cycles and time used to correct record errors
  • Less periodic updates to the learning system
  • Manual tracking of required unique identifier data
  • Time consuming manual log file analysis and manual routing for error handling

rapidLD's rapidConnect is an approach and software method to address these data issues:

  • Highly simplified User Interface with web forms with error checking built in
  • Data consolidated and persisted at the hub level to provide traceability and allow for partial records to be completed automatically
  • Required HCM data such as organization and user unique identifier fields generated automatically and formatted for HCM input

Utilizing rapidConnect results in a number of key benefits to the organization:

  • More frequent system updates
  • Field based application that users can navigate for simple updates
  • Persistent and reliable data source for data
  • Ability to output data to supply multiple interface formats and methods
  • Ability to validate data as it is processed by the host application
  • Traceability and tracking to isolate and identify data by its source organization



Contact Information

Name: Jim Everidge
Title: President/CEO
Phone: 770.874.1190
eMail: JEveridge@rapidld.com
Twitter: @JimE_rapidLD


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