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Introducing VoiceBox

As the one of the world's leading eLearning Voice Over providers, VoiceBox produces over 120 hours of eLearning voice overs a week in over 200 languages.

In addition to our ongoing work with some of the world's most recognised eLearning providers, including Open University, we also provide voice artists for training materials for some of the world's most coveted brands.

Check out our English speaking eLearning Voice Talent

Our English speaking eLearning Voice Over artists have thousands of hours of experience, adding professional credibility to teaching and learning modules and ensuring maximum engagement.

Multinational? Go multilingual!

In addition to our excellent English voice over talent, VoiceBox is also home to some of the world's finest multilingual voice overs. As part our localization service, we're able to translate and transcreate original eLearning scripts before your chose native language voice over artist undertakes their recording.



Contact Information

Name: Ben Dobson
Title: Marketing and Sales Manager
Phone: 01792 450979
eMail: ben@voiceboxagency.co.uk
Twitter: @voiceboxagency


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