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Cinécraft began creating eLearning in the mid 90s when the industry was in its infancy, training hospital staff on health and safety procedures. Today, custom eLearning, mLearning, Gamification and development of microcourses is a major reason for our growth nationally.

With every project we strive to create an experience that brings the learner as close to the behavior or skill to be learned. We believe this is the only way to see sustainable measurable results. Usually that means practicing a skill or behavior on-the-job or in a role-play. But, when that is not feasible, we do it through immersive simulations online.

We try to create the most efficient, effective and enjoyable learning experience with every project. Usually this is done through simulations packaged as microcourses or micro-learning objects. However, often the strategy must contain a blended approach. Cinécraft's Instructional Designers specialize in designing blended learning strategies that include mLearning, facilitator guides, participant guides, post-training boosters and performance support.


Contact Information

Name: Dan Keckan
Title: VP eLearning & Instructional Design
Phone: 216.832.4393
Twitter: @cinecraft


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