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The Hatsize virtual lab solution is the ideal way to provide hands on training/elearning for software products and systems.  Deliver instructor-led (synchronous) or self-paced (asynchronous) sessions.  Global datacenters deliver the best performance based on student location. Hatsize has segregated work environments for the most complex security and vulnerability labs, offering security fencing which isolates students from the outside world. Our robust environment supports complex networking, injecting and detecting viruses, and scanned network for security vulnerabilities.

Decrease costs related to traditional physical classroom training—students do not need to be in the same physical location as the labs or the instructor in order to experience the software and systems they are training on.  Instructors are able to monitor/view and collaborate with remote students. 

Eliminate risky software installations for purposes of practicing or training—students benefit from complete software access without being overwhelmed by the demands and possible side effects of live implementation.

Short on hardware?  Scalable virtual lab hosting provides for automatic provisioning of required lab resources.  Easy to use scheduling tools fully automate reliable virtual machine provisioning and take down. Schedule in advance or on-demand.



Contact Information

Name: Jesse McFarlane
Title: Account Manager
Phone: 403.538.3524
eMail: jmcfarlane@hatsize.com
Twitter: @Hatsize


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