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Equip your customers, partners and employees with customized, bite-sized content that gets opened, understood, and applied—all in the natural flow of their work day. FLIP delivers a concise summary of your content in smart flashcards, grouped together in decks, making it easy for end-users to locate, read, and quickly digest the important information you need to share. With FLIP, you can finally deliver powerful micro content to your organization via mobile devices!

FLIP addresses the challenges of learning retention through an engaging mobile app that complements existing professional learning management systems (LMSs) of any size through API connectivity or with its own standalone LMS features, some of which are real time updates and alerts, robust search, certification engines, analytics and reporting, and offline access.



Contact Information

Name: Zac Ball
Title: CEO / Co-Founder
Phone: 248.414.7300
eMail: info@mercury.team


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