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Area9's Content Curation Lab™ adaptive online learning platform combines cognitive neuroscience, computer science and your content to cut training time in half, guarantee proficiency and make lasting impacts on careers and business outcomes.

Powered by an industry-leading "biological" adaptive engine that incorporates spaced repetition and bite-sized learning, Content Curation Lab is a proven solution tailored to target the specific needs of corporate employees via desktop, tablet or phone. Our technology personalizes each learner interaction based on their unique knowledge, experience and confidence in the subject to deliver the right content at the right time.

The cloud-based, end-to-end solution includes team-based authoring and review, LMS integration via SCORM, SAML-compliant SSO, fully integrated LCMS, an optional lightweight LMS, and full user and manager reporting.


Contact Information

Name: Nick Howe
Title: Chief Learning Officer
Phone: 561.926.7066
Twitter: @Area9Nick


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