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Disprz is an enterprise knowledge and enablement platform that creates a culture of continuous professional development by bridging the gap between learning and working.

Disprz's state-of-the-art, mobile-first, cloud and AI-powered platform creates tangible business impact through 3 themes:

  1. Continuous skill enhancement: Every role in your organisation is broken into on-the-job competencies, around which professional development can be delivered continuously in several flavours: mobile micro-learning, live virtual coaching/mentoring, and through content from leading MOOCs like Udemy and edX.
  2. AI-driven team management: Through Disprz, managers directly provide professional development input to their reports on-the-job. Disprz's AI-driven tools embedded in daily chat conversations and social knowledge feeds enable managers to micro-appraise and provide learning recommendations on a daily basis.
  3. Knowledge linked with Impact Analytics: Disprz's analytics suite tracks achievement data from CRMs and PMS systems and correlates it with learning assessment data, employee mood, and daily performance gleaned from chat-based interactions to provide actionable learning recommendations to individual users as well as aggregate skill gap insights to managers and functional leaders.



Contact Information

Name: Rupa Dokania
Phone: 9980711332
eMail: rupa.d@disprz.com
Twitter: @DisprzOfficial


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