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Content Controller is a web-based application that lets you centrally host, manage, distribute and track eLearning content. Most eLearning content creators send their content off into the world with no ability to see where it's gone, how it's used or if it's still being used. Using Content Controller to centrally host your content provides you visibility into usage and ends your deployment struggles.


  • License Management: Disable access to content either automatically when license terms are met, such as learner count or expiration date, or manually for non-payment.
  • Version Control: Release updated versions of your content in just one place, instead of sending new versions to every LMS, ensuring your learners always have the latest content.
  • Multilingual Support: Deliver multiple languages in one course course file, streamlining administrator time importing and assigning courses.
  • Content Analytics: Access real-time data of usage across the course library and customer base in order to make strategic business decisions.


Contact Information

Name: Andy Whitaker
Title: Business Development
Phone: (866) 497-2676
Twitter: @rusticisoftware


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