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The LMS ADMIN Center is a comprehensive set of consulting, administrative and education engagements helping your business run its learning and talent management operations. We understand that purchasing a new learning and talent management system is only the first step in helping to transform the people development processes within your business. As your strategy evolves, so will the way you utilize the new technology in support of your business objectives.

The migration of business processes into the new learning and talent system often uncovers gaps in learning and system expertise. The LMS ADMIN Center will provide a named Bluewater resource to provide ongoing expert support.

Without the manpower or expertise to accomplish your learning and talent system tasks, the success of any learning and talent management system is at risk. Bluewater will join your team as a product expert to ensure requirements are considered, plans developed, work completed and configurations accurately set.

Some benefits of the LMS ADMIN Center include:

  • Cloud-specific consulting to evaluate the needs of your business
  • Experienced and certified professionals on-call for your specific needs
  • Knowledgeable resources to help solve problems to meet your business needs
  • Hands-on workshop sessions offered to you through the Bluewater Boot Camp
  • Translating your specific needs into effective operations within your learning and talent system



Contact Information

Name: Steve Sosinski
Title: Solutions Consultant
Phone: 214.736.3653
eMail: steve@bluewaterlearning.com


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