129 Tips on Using Technology in Virtual and Physical Classrooms

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April 22, 2013

by Karen Forni

Technology has expanded the meaning of “classroom” to include any physical or virtual space for formal learning. For educators and designers trained and experienced with the physical classroom, however, virtual classrooms can be daunting. How do you engage students you can’t see? What if someone’s network or Internet connection drops or is slow? How do you select the appropriate virtual-classroom (or virtual-world) platform?

In this eBook, experts provide 129 tips for educators and designers who want to make the best use of these technologies. Whether you are brand new to virtual classrooms and virtual worlds or have been working with them for a while, you should find something in here for you, in areas including:

  • Using virtual-classroom and virtual-world features effectively
  • Instructional design and presentation skills for the classroom
  • Pros and cons of virtual classrooms and virtual worlds
  • Pros and cons of physical and blended classrooms
  • Games for the classroom
  • Mobile and social learning for the classroom


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