AR, VR, and Enhanced Realities: Seven Perspectives on the Potential and Risks for Learning

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October 6, 2016

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications are poised to explode into the consumer market. The inevitable explosion will mainstream this technology and transform how we look at content, opening new opportunities not only for how we entertain ourselves, but also for how we connect, share, and learn.

For this eBook, we reached out to members of the eLearning Guild community who are already exploring the possibilities of these emerging technologies. What follows is a collection of seven different perspectives examining the possibilities and implications that virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications have for learning and performance.

Each contribution to this eBook brings something unique to the table. There are shared opinions, as well as areas where the authors do not agree. You’ll be challenged with questions that are essential for the industry to consider as we look to harness the potential of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities for learning.


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