2018 Realities360 Sessions

We've planned a program with 70 unique sessions to choose from. So, you can tailor your experience to target the specific subjects that will enable you to do better work. Here's just a sample:

  • Augmented! Hands-On Rapid AR Development
    Almira Roldan, Amazon, and Ann Rollins, GP Strategies
  • Creating Augmented Reality Learning Experiences on a Shoestring Budget
    Urbie Delgado, Connect the Dots
  • BYOD: Exploring Budget-Friendly Development Options for Augmented Reality Learning Experiences
    Cindy Plunkett, Baycrest Health Sciences
  • When Is AR More than AR? Just Add Computer Vision and Machine Learning!
    Chad Udell, Float
  • Developing AR for Learning Using Vuforia
    Matt Kurtin, Innovative Learning Group
  • BYOD: Easy Augmented Reality Creation with Wikitude Studio
    Jeff Batt, Learning Dojo
  • Considering Cybersickness in VR for Learning
    Alexander Walker, MedStar Health Simulation Training and Education Lab
  • Challenges and Actions: Ideas to Fix the VR Market
    Justin Duren, VRX Media
  • Smart User Experience Design for VR and AR Learning Experiences
    Scott McCormick, Emergent Enterprise
  • A Leap into AR: Exploring an Immersive Medical Environment
    Ravena Ramphal, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • How Virtual Reality Changes Learning
    Dan White, Filament Games
  • BYOD: 3-D Coding Fundamentals with JavaScript
    Mark Lassoff, Punk Learning
  • Web Conferencing Reimagined: Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning
    Peter Campbell, xpereal
  • BYOD: An Introduction to 360 Video for Learning
    Marcelo Lewin, HowToCreateVR.com
  • Case Study: Using VR for Training Venue Management Skills
    Michael Cuales & Bethanne Tobey, NC State University
  • Training Simulations and xAPI: Using Data for Learner Improvement
    Hugh Seaton, Aquinas Training
  • Is Online Education Ready for VR and 360 Video?
    Linas Mockus & Joseph Scott, Penn State World Campus
  • 360 Video: Processes for Creating Immersive Video Experiences
    Nathan McClure, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • Virtual Reality for Learning: A Real-World Hilton/SweetRush Case Study
    Blaire Bhojwani, Hilton, and John-Carlos Lozano, SweetRush
  • Cardboard: Inside a Rapid VR for Learning Project
    Ann Rollins, GP Strategies, and Almira Roldan, Amazon
  • Virtual Reality Training at Volvo
    Amanda Clarida, Volvo Trucks Academy, and Abhijit Navale, LearningMate Solutions
  • Trailblazing Multi-Path VR Learning Solutions
    Sasha Almanza & Ryan Moore, & Vidya Krishnan, Ericsson
  • VR and AR for Behavior Change
    Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning, and Dustin DiTommaso, Mad*Pow
  • Facing Ethical Challenges in Virtual Reality Projects
    Emory Craig, College of New Rochelle
  • BYOD: eLearning Simulations with an Edge: Competition and Analytics
    Elena Dozortsev & DeVane Cheney, PwC
  • eLearning Simulation-Based Learning and Assessment for a Large QSR Chain
    Sameer Nigam & Prasoon Nigam, Stratbeans Consulting
  • Gamifying the Ordinary: Bringing Instructional eLearning Simulations to Life
    Derek Brezette, RPA
  • Building a Multi-Disciplinary Team for Creating VR Simulations
    Kevin Barrett, Serious Labs
  • Virtual Reality Simulations: Building a Prototype for Firefighter Education
    Michael Schreiner, Vector Solutions
  • Case Study: Using Social VR Simulations for Global Executive Education
    Alex Howland, VirBELA
  • Beginner’s Guide to Low-Cost, High-Impact Immersive Learning Strategies in Higher Ed
    Maikel Alendy, FIU Online, and Rodolfo Rego, Florida International University
  • An Augmented Reality Cookbook for Interactive Learning
    Jerron Thornton & Cherie Cornelius, Aristocrat Technologies
  • From Immersion to Presence: How AR and VR Will Revolutionize Your Learning
    Anders Gronstedt, Gronstedt Group
  • 3-D Clearance Rack: Add Affordable 3-D Content to eLearning Simulations, AR, and VR
    Michael Sheyahshe, aNm
  • Case Study: Using Interactive 360 Video to Explore a Data Center
    Britney Cole & Tom Pizer, GP Strategies