707 The Neuroscience of VR Training, and Why It Works

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Wednesday, June 27


Why is VR effective for training, and how can you identify the best ways to leverage VR to improve training within your organization?

In this session, you’ll review previous research on the use of VR for training purposes and discuss how companies can leverage the growing potential of VR technology to revolutionize training within their organizations. You’ll look at existing research that confirms what types of training VR is effective for, along with how VR can lead to training that is more memorable than video content, is a safe alternative to real-world training, is easily repeatable and scalable, and can provide isolation from distractions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why VR training is effective
  • The neuroscience of VR
  • Which types of training work best in VR
  • How to identify effective types of training to use VR for
  • How to scale a VR training strategy
  • How to implement VR training at your organization


Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders (directors, VPs, CLOs, executives, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:

Virtual reality.

Alejandro Dinsmore



Alejandro Dinsmore is the CEO of eevo, a VR company that has raised over $2 million in venture funding to build a platform that makes it easier for companies to author, manage, and scale their VR training experiences. Alejandro has worked on building enterprise b2b software companies for the last six years. Prior to working with startups, Alejandro studied neuroscience with a focus on VR research.

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