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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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P11 Implementing Ecosystem Solutions: A New Approach

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday, March 21

Palm 5

Training is not the only answer to a learning and performance problem, but many have struggled to describe a broader learning and performance environment that not only fits with realities of today’s workplace but also makes sense to sponsors and clients. An ecosystem approach, born out of blended learning, human performance improvement, and informal learning, may just fit the need.

In this comprehensive one-day workshop, you will focus on methods for implementing learning and performance ecosystem solutions in your organization. You will explore strategy, analysis, design, technology, metrics, and organizational change as you build a framework that helps redefine and restructure your own work to meet the challenges ahead. If you’re interested in a new paradigm that unifies the concept of this new and expanding role in learning and performance, this workshop is for you. If you’re looking to apply the ecosystem approach to an upcoming project, this workshop is also for you. Time will be provided for participants to discuss their own ecosystem initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a learning and performance ecosystem is, including its six components, and how it changes the conversation around organizational learning
  • How to sell a learning and performance ecosystem framework to sponsors, clients, senior management, and your own staff
  • How to approach problem analysis when considering an ecosystem approach
  • How to capture and prioritize the findings from your analysis to guide your ecosystem solutions
  • How to plan a learning and performance intervention using the ecosystem approach
  • How to measure the impact of a learning and performance ecosystem on business results
  • How to integrate learning and performance solutions directly into the workflow

Instructional designers and developers who are looking for ways to bring in solutions that represent alternatives to traditional training and eLearning; learning and development managers who want to bring their clients a broader array of approaches to learning and performance improvement; and senior learning and development executives who are looking for a new and compelling approach to position learning and performance more directly in the workplace. It would be helpful to have a basic understanding of Photoshop’s interface.

Technology discussed in this session:
Learning and performance technologies generally.

Marc Rosenberg


Marc Rosenberg and Associates

Marc Rosenberg is a leading authority and author in training, organizational learning, eLearning, knowledge management, and performance improvement. He has written two best-selling books, E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age and Beyond E-Learning: Approaches and Technologies to Enhance Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Performance. “Marc My Words,” his collection of over 100 columns from 2010 through 2018, is archived online in The eLearning Guild’s magazine Learning Solutions. Marc is past president and honorary life member of the International Society for Performance Improvement, has spoken at the White House, debated eLearning’s future at Oxford University, authored over 50 articles, and is frequently quoted in major trade publications. Marc was awarded the Guild Master Award in 2013 for his accomplishments and contributions to the eLearning community.

Steve Foreman


InfoMedia Designs

Steve Foreman is the author of The LMS Guidebook and president of InfoMedia Designs, a provider of eLearning infrastructure consulting services and technology solutions to large companies, academic institutions, professional associations, government, and military. Steve works with forward-looking organizations to find new and effective ways to apply computer technology to support human performance. His work includes enterprise learning strategy, learning and performance ecosystem solutions, LMS selection and implementation, learning-technology architecture and integration, expert-knowledge harvesting, knowledge management, and innovative performance-centered solutions that blend working and learning.

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