GS04 KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from Government AR, VR, and Simulation Projects

11:15 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, June 28

Imperial Ballroom

The increasing interest in VR, AR, and simulation projects for learning and education is being driven in large part by the new consumer devices that are making these technologies more accessible than ever before. While these new consumer devices are normalizing the use of these technologies in our daily lives, the use of AR, VR, and simulations for training has been in practice for decades within the government.

In this closing session, you will learn from a series of experts who have worked on AR, VR, and simulation government training projects. You’ll explore what they learned during a period of expensive, proprietary technologies, and how that knowledge is helping drive decisions related to the current explosion of consumer technologies. The best way to discover the opportunities present in an emerging technology is to learn from someone who has already walked that path, and this closing panel of experts will share their lessons learned to help guide you as you implement AR, VR, and simulations projects of your own.

David Kelly

Executive Vice President and Executive Director

The eLearning Guild

David Kelly is the executive vice president and executive director of The eLearning Guild. David has been a learning and performance consultant and training director for more than 15 years. He is a leading voice exploring how technology can be used to enhance training, education, learning, and organizational performance. David is an active member of the learning community and can frequently be found speaking at industry events. He has contributed to organizations including ATD, eLearn Magazine, LINGOs, and more. David is also known for his curation efforts, especially related to conferences and events for learning and performance professionals.

Hugh Seaton


Adept Reality

Hugh Seaton is GM of Adept Reality, a software company focused on using VR/AR in adult learning. Prior to Adept, Hugh founded AquinasVR, a VR/AR software company which he sold to the Glimpse Group, parent of Adept. Hugh’s focus, whether in immersive technologies, IoT or artificial intelligence, is on the intersection of learning science, creativity, and the cutting edge technologies that can bring learning to new levels of effectiveness.

Jennifer Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Quantum Improvements Consulting

Jennifer Murphy, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Quantum Improvements Consulting (QIC), an Orlando-based firm specializing in the application of emerging technology to training for complex skills. A cognitive psychologist by trade, her work focuses on how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate training technology for the Department of Defense and other clients. At QIC, she leads a growing team of learning science professionals. In addition to her many peer- reviewed publications, her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Pentagon Channel, and Signal Magazine.

Marcus Anzengruber


ARVR Ventures

Marcus advise companies in the education industry on AR and VR. As a former Senior Advisor at HTC VIVE, Marcus lead critical initiatives to drive adoption of commercial VR hardware. Before venturing into the VR industry, Marcus built Campanja, an enterprise software company that leverage real-time data for optimizing marketing with customers such as Netflix, One Kings Lane, and eBay. The company raised venture funding from the same investors that invested in Google and sold to 24/7 Inc, a customer optimization company with 12 000 employees worldwide.

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