Five Things to Look For When Selecting an LMS

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White papers - March 30, 2017

by Chris Benz with Katrina Baker, Steve Foreman, and B.J. Schone

Choosing the right learning management system (LMS) is a critical decision. LMSs often require great investments of time and money, and failed implementations are simply not an option. The key to choosing the LMS that will work for you is understanding your organization’s LMS needs and finding the LMS that matches them best. Selecting an LMS can be a significant challenge because there are so many of them available in the marketplace. This paper seeks to educate those in the market for an LMS by discussing five important things to look for when selecting a system: easy reporting and tracking, with effective dashboards; low total cost of ownership; short implementation timeline; free enterprise support; and simplicity and ease of use for all users (user-centric design). While there are LMSs specifically designed for academia, this paper focuses on LMSs designed for business organizations.


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