Strategies to Get Your Subject Matter Experts on Video

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Videos - May 19, 2017

by Michael Kolowich and Peggy Salvatore

Creating video doesn’t need to be difficult. We often over-complicate the process. Video content is all around us. Every time one of your executives, trainers, or product experts speaks at a conference, conducts a company meeting, or participates in a sales or product launch, that’s content ready to be made into hard-working video assets.

One of the keys to creating authentic and valuable content is repurposing and capturing all this subject matter expert knowledge on video. There are two approaches to developing this type of content. As repurposed content (past conferences, training events, and so on) or as original content. Both are extremely powerful because the content is authentic and comes from trustworthy sources. And, as importantly, the content provides value and context to the viewers.

This short video featuring Michael Kolowich, CEO of KnowledgeVision and maker of Knovio, and complementary excerpt from the book Working with SMEs by Peggy Salvatore, will give you actionable insight on how to work with your company experts in a very economical and efficient way.


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