Virtual Presentations: Is the Computer Taking Over?

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Webinars - July 11, 2013

Carmen Simon

Cognitive Neuroscientist & Founder

A frequent question on people’s minds revolves around the differences between face-to-face presentations and virtual presentations. One of the differences is the most obvious one: in a virtual presentation, a computer is mandatory (whether in the shape of a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone). And therefore comes another question: how does this device impact the presenters» engagement with the audience? Does the computer help or hinder the interaction in a virtual presentation?

We can look at it as a symbiotic process: The computer and the presenter need each other to make each other better. Unfortunately, what happens in many virtual presentations is that the computer seems to take over. The presentation is too much machine-like (i.e., powered by numbing, robotic, predictable slides and pace) and very little human-like (i.e., not marked by authentic engagement).

Join this session to look at four ways to raise the volume on the human side over the machine side in your virtual presentation. You will learn how concepts such as personal style, generic architecture, templetized thinking, expertise, imitation, and innovation can impact the type of engagement you create with your virtual audiences.



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