Finding the Light-switch in Your Virtual Classroom

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Webinars - September 20, 2012

Carmen Simon

Cognitive Neuroscientist & Founder

Imagine that in your house you have three light switches downstairs; one lights the lamp in the attic. With only one trip upstairs, how do you know which switch turns on the lamp?

Just because you've moved from the physical to the virtual classroom does not mean your virtual classroom has to be dark and dull. Even though virtual classrooms have been around for a while, increased complexity and feature overload give us the feeling that we are still lost in the dark. How do you find the light switch in the virtual classroom?

Join us for Finding the Light-switch in Your Virtual Classroom to learn how to:

  • Flip the right switches to eliminate the awkwardness of teaching invisible and silent audiences.
  • Avoid the three most common mistakes virtual trainers make that turn virtual sessions into annoying sessions.
  • Creatively keep participants engaged.
  • Come and find out how to walk from the darkness of a virtual session back into the light (and the answer to the switch puzzle above).



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