Smart Ways to Personalize an LMS

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White papers - July 6, 2017

by Susan Jacobs with Dennis Hall, Sabrina Moore, Nipun Sharma, and Michelle Spencer

Learning and development professionals are discovering that employees are more eager to engage with the company’s LMS when its features are personalized to account for their individual needs.

The desire for LMS customization is not confined to individuals. There are sound business motives for the practice, which is why a growing number of companies are opting to personalize their learning management systems. Sometimes it is a random happenstance, such as when a firm is managing a suite of learning technologies that connect back to its LMS: When the different systems are integrated, the result is a personalized hybrid. More often, however, customizing the LMS is a deliberate, strategic decision.

The last thing an organization wants to do is invest a considerable sum into a learning management system only to have employees grumble about it or, even worse, shy away from using it. This paper, Smart Ways to Personalize an LMS, by Susan Jacobs with Dennis Hall, Sabrina Moore, Nipun Sharma, and Michelle Spencer, discusses how to personalize your LMS to make it friendlier and more approachable, thus improving the odds that employees will engage with it. In addition, personalization often returns bona fide business benefits to the company.


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