Power Your Employee Productivity with Performance Support

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White papers - June 30, 2017

by Gary Iles and Carrie McFarland, PlayerLync

Performance support is the right information, at the right time, right where you need it. Post-millennials are more apt than any other generation to make use of performance support systems. This generation is even more savvy about and reliant on technology than Millennials. Providing your employees with information at the point of need is the most effective way to take the edge off the forgetting curve. By utilizing mobile devices with the capability of displaying documents or showing short how-to videos, you can easily implement performance support today.

The Power Your Employee Productivity with Performance Support eBook will help you understand how integrating performance support with your training program can help guide your learning needs and opportunities for ultimate success. Your entire company can benefit from a well-run and collaborative training program that delivers performance support right when and where it’s needed.


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