How to Use Neuroscience to Improve Virtual Learning

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Webinars - January 6, 2015

Carmen Simon

Cognitive Neuroscientist & Founder

Audiences typically forget 90% of the content you share with them. That is significant. To make matters worse, the 10% people do remember differs between members of your audience. Controlling the 10% your audiences remember and tying it to something that they find valuable and can act on is the skill of the future trainer, especially as your are conducting virtual training.

So how can you control the 10% they remember? Using neuroscience. We now know more about the way our brains process information and ultimately remember it.

Join this session to find out how to apply principles from cognitive neuroscience so you can create virtual training with lasting impact. Specifically, you will learn 3 brain science principles converted to guidelines you can apply to your own virtual class strategy immediately.



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