The Power of Mobile Performance Support

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Webinars - September 22, 2015

Shannon D'Alessio

Head of Professional Services

You need support solutions to be as mobile as your workers. By developing a mobile component to your training and support programs, your employees will have the tools and resources they need—when they need them—to be successful.

Mobile performance support is a just-in-time tool; it’s handy, bite-sized, and doesn’t require your employees to scan through pages of notes or slide decks for key information. And with a mobile platform, you can make updates to your performance content in real time, so your team is always equipped with the best, most accurate support.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why catering to a mobile workforce is essential
  • How to set clear goals, establish user context, enable quick iteration, and gain robust user data with mobile performance support
  • How to create small snippets of performance support content to test, evaluate, refine, and repeat


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