3 Ways to Build a KNOWLEDGE-ABLE Culture

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Webinars - October 19, 2017

Jacqueline Beck

Director of Client Training Services

In this session, Jacquie Beck will present multiple ways to create a “habit-forming” learning culture to ensure the learners in your enterprise are leveraging the content available with on-demand assets and live training. Jacquie will discuss the importance of tracking views, leveraging small reusable learning assets, and creating points, badges, and leaderboards to foster competition. With content at the learners’ fingertips, and a clear path to getting answers quickly, building a KNOWLEDGE-ABLE enterprise is key to keeping your team productive, educated, and informed.

Webinar attendees will learn how to add PBLs (points, badges and leaderboards) to training strategies with gaming elements, hear insights and research on building a “habit-forming” corporate university that brings learners back daily to become proficient with finding answers on their own, and instructional design best practices to build a learning architecture that allows learners to get answers quickly and apply the skills immediately in their day-to-day jobs.




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