Getting Started with Simulations

April 4, 2018

Live Online Event

Today, eLearning simulations are becoming more widely adopted in learning and development as research reveals the value in experiential learning. Additionally, learners seek rich interactive learning experiences, and newer, inexpensive tools are lowering the barriers to entry for many L&D professionals. Simulations can be an exciting and effective offering from learning and development.

The Getting Started with Simulations Spotlight will help you rethink how simulations are being developed and used in 2018. You’ll discover new approaches to creating simulations, learn how to build simulations with the tools you already have, and get tips for creating more immersive learning experiences. Even if you have done simulations for learning before, you’ll learn new skills that can make a big difference in your work.


8:15 AM – 9:30 AM Pacific Time

Jenny Saucerman

Jenny Saucerman
Instructional Designer
Web Courseworks

101: eLearning Simulations Overview: From Idea to Implementation

An eLearning simulation is one of many dynamic options for a learning solution; however, the approach can be a unique undertaking. In this session, you’ll learn the critical steps to move a simulation from design to evaluation. You’ll also develop strategies for working with SMEs and navigating the QA process. Learn more.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn
Chief NuggetHead and Owner
Nuggethead Studioz

201: Storyboarding Techniques for Designing an eLearning Simulation

eLearning tools today can make it very easy to jump in and start developing a simulation. However, the risks of leaping over effective design far outweigh the rewards as objectives are missed, scope creeps, and technology beats out learning. This session will explore the importance and advantages of storyboarding for an effective simulation. Learn more.


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Time

Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff
Founder & President
Punk Learning

301: The Simulation Development Process and Tools

Simulations are used in a variety of industries and contexts, such as business and sports. However, they do not have to be expensive or all-encompassing to be effective. In this session you’ll learn about the various technologies available, and the processes and approaches you can use, to develop a simulation. Learn more.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Pacific Time

Chris Karel

Chris Karel
Creative Director
Cinécraft Productions

401: Tools and Techniques for Producing Authentic Video-Based Simulations

Video is the medium of choice in many eLearning solutions. But adding video to your eLearning strategy may not be enough; success depends on knowing when and how to use it. This session will analyze several videos created for soft-skill simulations, and explore key considerations when filming and editing video for simulations. Learn more.

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