601 Using Microlearning to Support a Dispersed Workforce

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Thursday, February 21

Previous learning approaches at Aristocrat required technicians to be in a workspace with a computer, which wasn't yielding the type of business results the company was seeking. Aristocrat incorporated microlearning, and today employees do a few minutes of daily training that easily fits into their natural workflow. This new approach has led to 87% participation, 96% employee knowledge growth, and most notably a 50% decrease in technical product setup through increased employee knowledge and confidence.

In this case study presentation, learn how Aristocrat's microlearning strategy implements skill sets to a remote workforce and allows the company to measure performance in hours versus weeks. Discover the ecosystem they employ to enable technicians. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how microlearning technologies can be applied to a dispersed workforce to drive business results.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What microlearning means at Aristocrat, with examples of released training.
  • How Aristocrat built a learning culture to net a fast start and high adoption rate.
  • How a microlearning test group performed differently from a group receiving standard LMS SCORM modules.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data showing the business impact of microlearning.

Christiana Houck

Director of Learning Solutions

Aristocrat Technologies

Christiana Houck is a director of learning solutions at Aristocrat Technologies, a PhD, and a learning and education nerd. She leads a team of energetic trainers and award-winning instructional designers. The team uses an agile project management approach, is looking into AR, and measures business impact through behaviors. Previously, Christiana developed and delivered instructor-led training and eLearning and taught professors how to teach online.

Elena Cistrunk

Senior Program Manager

Aristocrat Technologies

Elena Cistrunk is a key leader in technical training at Aristocrat. She is a graduate of Hampton University. In her tenure at Aristocrat, she has been a Business Analyst on the product side and moved her mad analysis skills to training 5 years ago. In training, she is key to the agile development process and successful implementation of a mobile ecosystem.

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