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Poll Everywhere was founded in 2007 as the first web-based audience response system. It provides instant, scalable interaction to instructor-led training sessions at 75% of the Fortune 500, using mobile phones and PowerPoint. Over 700,000 presenters have used Poll Everywhere to engage everyone in the room.

In instructor-led learning programs, Poll Everywhere provides quick assessments throughout the session, embedded in the presentation slides. It also enables live voting for group decision-making, group-made word clouds, clickable diagrams and maps, and easy icebreakers.

Diversity and inclusion leaders use Poll Everywhere to gauge progress and provoke change—they conduct reflective group discussions using open-ended polling activities, aided by the system's anonymity features. HR teams use the platform to facilitate company-wide Q&A with top leadership, then use the response reports to gauge the concerns and problems of the entire workforce. Learn more at polleverywhere.com.




Primary Contact Information

Name: Rebecca Kerr
Title: Enterprise Marketing
Phone: 1 (800) 388-2039
eMail: rebecca@polleverywhere.com
Twitter: @polleverywhere
1550 Bryant Street
Suite 500
San Francisco , CA 94103
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Austin Solomon
Title: Business Development Representative
Phone: 1 (800) 388-2039
eMail: austin@polleverywhere.com


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