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HapYak is the interactive video platform.
Add synchronized in-video quizzes, chapters & links to any video.

Why use it? Simple. Add HapYak to your videos, and learners watch longer and engage more. HapYak delivers video engagement. Guaranteed.

HapYak works on all video - any player, any device. It’s HTML5 and CSS-based, enabling interactive video on computers, iPads and more with a look and feel that’s fully customizable.

HapYak is easy. If you can watch a video, you can make it interactive.
Make your videos interactive today. Free trial.




Primary Contact Information

Name: Cass Sapir
Title: CMO
Phone: 401-474-3827
eMail: csapir@hapyak.com
Twitter: @hapyakvideo
Boston , MA
United States


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