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Trusted by 60,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate software, services, community, and content make it easy to create compelling courses for every device.

Articulate 360 makes every aspect of e-learning course development simpler, faster, and less expensive. Subscribe to Articulate 360 to get everything you need to complete your e?learning projects, from start to finish.

Articulate users can also find inspiration, guidance, and best practices on Articulate's community, E-Learning Heroes. It's the #1 community for course creators with over 500,000 members worldwide, and it's completely free to join.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Articulate Sales Team
Phone: +1 (800) 861-4880
Twitter: @Articulate
244 5th Avenue
Suite 2960
New York , NY 10001
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Mark Schwartz
Title: EVP, Sales
Phone: 678-825-2775


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