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Indusgeeks is a multi-award winning Silicon Valley-based company taking a global lead in the field of gamification, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training. It also creates game-based training and business simulations for all industry types and processes.

Indusgeeks has spent one decade helping train the workforce of Fortune 1000 companies, academic institutions and government organizations worldwide using its proprietary INIT (Interactive, Narrative-driven, Immersive, Training) framework. Indusgeeks' mission is to bring cutting-edge technologies to the training industry—making learning more engaging, and more effective.

Through INIT, Indusgeeks transforms training content into solutions that are LMS-ready and can be deployed on all types of devices—from desktops to mobiles and even VR Headsets. Indusgeeks' key distinction is that we offer solutions that are highly customizable, to provide company-specific training. These custom solutions propagate the culture and values of the brand enabling tailor-made solutions that suit our client’s needs. 



Primary Contact Information

Name: Karishma D'Lima
Title: Projects Consultant
Phone: +1 650 488 8072
5450 Thornwood Dr
Suite L
San Jose , CA 95123
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Ashima Misri
Title: COO
Phone: +1 650 488 8072


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