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SwissVBS is a full-service digital learning design and production agency, focused on providing value at every step of the learning journey. With strong expertise in content development, mobile reinforcement and sales enablement, we leverage our suite of offerings to create industry-leading, multi-platform customized learning solutions that drive meaningful change in behavior and performance.

Be it increased sales, improved culture, skills development, enhanced knowledge, or improved staff retention, we empower an organization's most valuable asset—its people—to drive change.

We form a deep understanding of our clients' culture and of their learning ecosystem and use rich storytelling and custom content to engage and transform the learners to induce the desired changes in behavior and performance.

Our focus on the learner's experience and our clients' needs are the keys to our success for over 15 years.

This is how we move people from learning to doing.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Obi Ochu
Title: Sales Director, North America
Phone: +1 416 885 0152
Twitter: @obi_ochu
333 Adelaide Street West
Suite 200
Toronto , ON M5V 1R5


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