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gomo is a cloud-based, fully responsive HTML5 e-learning authoring, distribution and video tool. gomo provides three multi-award-winning products that allow learning professionals to create, host, update, distribute and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. gomo authoring creates truly responsive and adaptive HTML5 content that looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. gomo hosting and analytics allows learning professionals to get content into the hands of learners instantly, via direct links, QR code, a learning app and the unique gomo LMS wrapper, amongst others—all with detailed built-in analytics. Finally, gomo’s video capabilities allow teams to capture, create, repurpose, enhance, translate and disseminate video content with speed.

Created in 2014 from in-house expertise at Learning Technologies Group companies, gomo is quickly establishing itself as the top choice for global organisations seeking collaborative, future-proof and responsive HTML5 multi-device e-learning.




Primary Contact Information

Name: Mike Alcock
Phone: +44(0)1273 320 631
eMail: contactus@gomolearning.com
Twitter: @gomolearning
52 Old Steine
Brighton , East Sussex BN1 1NH
United Kingdom


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