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Less is More? Microlearning in the Digital Age

A recent Microsoft study has revealed the human attention span has fallen to 8 seconds thanks to digital devices. That's why traditional training methods are failing our employees.

  • Big data against busy, distracted 21st century learners
  • Apply "simplicity" to learning
  • Learning complex skills in short, focused segments: introducing Motion Graphics—a new learning technique that combines infographics with animation

Key Takeaways:

An average size company—that focuses on long, old-style e-learning programs—wastes $1.4 million per year. Learn how to develop a "microlearning method" that your learners get 4 – 5 takeaways per session instead of forgetting virtually everything within a matter of weeks. Vibons is a young San Francisco start-up that enables companies to transform their ideas to motion graphics videos.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Alp Turkkan
Title: Chief Growth Officer
San Francisco , CA 94123
United States


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