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Teach Up is an innovative algorithm-driven authoring platform that enables you to rapidly transform your content (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, audio, video…) into adaptive and social e-learning. With Teach Up, you can easily turn static content into engaging e-learning, distribute it across devices with or without an LMS, and analyze its effectiveness in real time thanks to smart dashboards. Teach Up makes it easier to share, capture and transfer knowledge in organizations! Learn more and give it a try at www.teachup.com.




Primary Contact Information

Name: Iryna Uglik
Title: Business Development
Phone: +33695034446
eMail: iryna@teachup.com
54 W 40th St
New York , NY 10018
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Nicolas Bourgerie
Title: Founder & CEO
Phone: +33681748548
eMail: nicolas@veryup.com


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