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CYPHER LEARNING is a company based in San Francisco that is committed in providing the best learning and teaching experience to schools, universities, businesses, and organizations around the world through its e-learning platforms.

CYPHER LEARNING has two products: NEO, an LMS for schools and universities, and MATRIX, an LMS for businesses. Both products are known for their beautiful user interfaces, comprehensive set of features, pricing that provides great value for money, and professional support staff.

NEO is used by organizations ranging from large universities such as STI in the Philippines, school districts such as Santa Barbara Unified School District, to small schools with 20 students in Spain.

MATRIX is used by organizations ranging from large companies such as Disney, the famous culinary company Le Cordon Bleu, to small companies that sell online fashion courses.

Both NEO and MATRIX are used by over 20,000 organizations, support 40+ languages, have millions of users, and have won several awards.

CYPHER has offices around the world in locations such as San Francisco, South Africa, and Romania.

The CEO and Founder of CYPHER is Graham Glass, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of innovation. Graham has a strong background in education and software, having taught computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas and founding two education companies, so deep familiarity with the features that teachers and students need is in the company's DNA.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Graham Glass
Title: CEO & Founder
Phone: 415-432-7863
Twitter: @grahamglass
4 Embarcadero Center
Suite 1400
San Francisco , CA 94111
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Alina Toderascu
Title: Marketing Director
Phone: 844 831 7471


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