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Since Fred Pryor pioneered the one-day seminar in 1970, Pryor Learning Solutions has helped more than 11 million people reach their career goals by offering comprehensive, affordable and convenient business, compliance and safety training. Staying true to Fred's mission to deliver the best and most cost-efficient continuous learning experience across the U.S. and Canada continues with Pryor Learning Solutions' true blended learning approach that includes live and online learning options. With Pryor Learning Solutions, attend seminars, schedule onsite training or gain access to more than 40 years of curated content in a cloud-based learning environment that doesn't obligate special IT requirements, pricey budgets or complicated timelines.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Rebecca Murray
Title: Marketing Communications Supervisor
Phone: 913.967.8808
Twitter: @pryorlearning
5700 Broadmoor St
Mission , KS 66202
United States

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Brooke Conard
Title: Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter
Phone: 913.967.8382


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