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Founded in 2012, The Professional Development Consortium was developed from a large scale university research project based at Kingston University Business School. The research explored professional development, adult education and training, and provided the strong academic platform for the Consortium. The Consortium works with a range of educational organisations, training providers, professional bodies, associations and third sector organisations, and has accredited over 700 organisations and individuals. As well as the Provider of Training Excellence accreditation, the Consortium also oversees the CPD Standards Office who deliver a set of accreditation services primarily focused on training and learning activities, and verifying them for use within a CPD context.



Primary Contact Information

Name: Kirstie Walker
Phone: +44 07826437223
Twitter: @cpdstandards
The Courtyard, 59 Church Street
Staines-Upon-Thames, Middlesex
London TW184XS
United Kingdom

Alternate Contact Information

Name: Amanda Rosewarne
Phone: +44 07903502067


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