Guild for Good

Guild For Good

Learning is a powerful thing. Learning is a doorway that, once opened, can truly change people’s lives. There are many projects that our community is involved in that not only help people learn and perform, but also contribute to making the world a better place through the learning and skills they promote and support.

Guild for Good, a new program sponsored by The eLearning Guild, was created to celebrate and promote the ability to improve our world through the work we do as learning professionals. Guild for Good sponsors the eLearning Guild Humanitarian Award, which recognizes members of our community whose work contributes to the good of humanity. We also plan to showcase philanthropic projects within our community.

Celebrating this type of work is only the first step. Guild for Good’s goals include exploring ways to connect organizations with humanitarian-focused projects with individuals from our community who are interested in contributing to worthwhile causes. The eLearning Guild’s guiding principle has always been “Together We Are Better”, and Guild for Good will extend that focus by creating opportunities for connecting philanthropic organizations that need assistance with individuals that are looking to help.

There’s more to come, and we look forward to getting more of our community involved in shaping Guild for Good efforts. Join us, and let’s use our knowledge and skills to make the world a better place.

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Guild Humanitarian Award Winner

Brian Dusablon, the founder of Learning Ninjas, has worked in the eLearning industry for over 20 years. He consistently seeks out projects that support worthy causes, enabling organizations to extend their good work. His humanitarian nature was probably best displayed during the 2017 Hurricanes in Texas, when Brian connected people with the help they needed, and helped people escape and find shelter from the rising floodwaters.

David Kelly and Brian Dusablon
DevLearn 2017

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Eric Berg

Julie Dirksen

Brian Dusablon

Diane Elkins

Juli Balding

David Kelly

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