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DevLearn 2011 Themes & Featured Speakers

Expanding the possibilities for learning requires a sharp focus on many facets of the learning equation. DevLearn offers a deep exploration of these seven themes and the inter-relationships between them in these featured presentations.


As a learning professional, you help your organization maximize its return on its largest ongoing business investment – its human capital. While cost-effectively training, developing, and retaining these valuable resources, you must develop both your management skills and all the management professionals in your organization. DevLearn will help you succeed with this enormous challenge. Learn more...

Featured Session: Learning and the Management Pipeline
Michael Echols,
EVP, Bellevue University Human Capital Lab, & Author of Creating Value with Human Capital Investment



How do you know which of the many new and innovative technologies you can deploy will help you achieve your objectives? DevLearn, the leading conference for technology-focused learning professionals, is where new technologies emerge and their new possibilities are defined. You'll get answers about learning technologies at DevLearn. Learn more...

Featured Session: Technology Trends on the Horizon:
Where eLearning is Headed

Aaron Silvers, Community Manager & Learning Technologies Evangelist, ADL



A successful strategy must address the who, what, when, where, and why of your organizational learning investments, plans, processes, goals, and objectives, while simultaneously addressing the technology central to its success. DevLearn offers ideas and new perspectives on successfully integrating all of today's learning technologies into your learning strategy. Learn more...

Featured Session: Building a Learning Strategy to Address Today's Challenges
Lance Dublin, CEO, Dublin Consulting, & Co-author of Implementing E-Learning



Learning may occur as part of a training, education, or professional development program … but it also occurs informally and socially among peers, or casually, as the learner may need. Technology increasingly augments learning, and DevLearn provides you with the ultimate showcase for expanding learning possibilities. Learn more...

Featured Session: The New Learning Architect
Clive Shepherd, Director, FastTrak Consulting, & Author of The New Learning Architect




Enterprise learning is critical to developing competitive advantage in a knowledge economy, and success depends on your ability to leverage learning technologies across your enterprise. Whatever your specific needs, the knowledge and insight you gain at DevLearn will guide you as you meet your challenges head on. Learn more...

Featured Session:  Integrated Talent Management Across the Enterprise
Kevin Oakes, CEO, The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), & Author of The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management



As a learning professional, you facilitate the development and distribution of people's knowledge, insights, and experiences, so you must put systems and processes into place that will enable you to harness, manage, and distribute this content. At DevLearn you will learn how to leverage knowledge and disseminate it in your organization. Learn more...

Featured Session: Knowledge in the 21st Century: You Should Know Better…
Jay Cross, Cross, Consultant, Internet Time Alliance, & Author of Informal Learning



Performance is a primary source of sustainable strategic advantage for organizations, and successful organizations incorporate performance support and management into their learning and development strategies. DevLearn will give you the information you need to ensure that your workforce's performance is a key market differentiator for your organization. Learn more...

Featured Session: Performance Boosters:
Using Technology to Enhance How We Work and Learn
Allison Rossett, Professor, San Diego State University, & Author of First Things Fast