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Additional Program Features

DevLearn offers you a variety of program activities and services designed to provide you with key information and ideas that you can immediately put to work to improve your organization's eLearning efforts.

Tin Can Alley

Don’t miss Tin Can Alley at DevLearn|12, where you can learn about Project Tin Can, ADL’s next-generation SCORM effort, and get exclusive updates on the progress of the Experience API (Tin Can). Come see how Project Tin Can will deliver tracking of learning events in a multitude of formats, and meet the early adopters who can help you understand the benefits of implementing this new specification.

A 2011 ADL-funded BAA executed by Rustici Software, Project Tin Can is investigating the integration of mobile, games, simulations, informal and social activities to enable on-the-spot performance support and immersive learning experiences.

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative is focused on open, community-powered efforts to develop and promote emerging learning technologies.

MAP Deck: Create Your Own Conference Mash-up

mapdeck logo The eLearning Guild was founded to help learning professionals share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues – and nowhere is this more important than at our events. We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to help you bring the information you’ve learned at our conferences back home. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new cloud-based slide sharing service called MAP Deck, which enables you to tag and mash-up PowerPoint (PPT) slides from sessions at DevLearn and create a single new PPT presentation that you can share with others. Now when colleagues back at the office ask, “So what did you learn at the conference?” you can show them.

MAP Deck is based on edCetra Training’s Anan software (Anan is Hebrew for “cloud”), and we’re excited to use this exciting new service at DevLearn 2012.

Collaborate on a Spotify Playlist

DevLearn Spotify users! Want to collaborate on a DevLearn playlist? Subscribe to and add a song or two to our current list HERE. We'll be playing it at our HQ and at the event!