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Featured Sessions

Don’t miss these featured sessions highlighting the latest technologies, tools and ideas to help inspire and provide practical knowledge to further advance your training and development skills.

Applying the Magic of Hollywood to eLearning

Wednesday, October 31, 10:45a

Tom Graunke, Stormwind

Renowned eLearning expert Tom Graunke shows you how to super-charge learning for greater participation and retention. You’ll learn eight secrets to creating Hollywood-style eLearning you can deliver on a reasonable budget.

The Great ID Challenge

Wednesday, October 31, 1:15p

Facilitator: Tracy Bissette, WeejeeLearning


Michael Grant, AICPA Nancy Hammond, NKH Consulting
  Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning  

Get a glimpse into the ways that expert instructional designers work by seeing how four different designers approach a common design challenge.

A New Agile Model: Leaving ADDIE Behind

Wednesday, October 31, 2:45p

Michael Allen, Allen Interactions

Allen argues that a design approach known as Successive Approximation (based on the components of context, challenge, activity, and feedback) leads to more creative and engaging eLearning than the ADDIE model.

The Key to Engagement, Fulfillment, and Peak Performance

Thursday, November 1, 10:30a

Jay Cross, Internet Time Alliance

Expolore how businesses exist to delight their customers; the way to delight customers is to delight employees.

Ignite! Six Provocative Perspectives on the eLearning Industry

Thursday, November 1, 3:00p

Facilitator: Neil Lasher, Phone2Know

Megan Bowe, Rustici Software Jane Bozarth, State of North Carolina
Robert Gadd, OnPoint Digital Kris Rockwell, Hybrid Learning Systems
Chad Udell, Float Mobile Learning Judy Unrein, NIKE

In this exciting ideafest, six well-known industry experts share their unique perspectives and best ideas on embracing technology for learning and development.

Panel: Everything You Need to Know about Tin Can

Friday, November 2, 8:30a

Facilitator: Aaron Silvers, ADL


Mike Rustici, Rustici Software Julie Dirksen, Usable Learning
  Clark Quinn, Quinnovation Stephanie Daul, W.W. Grainger

Our panel of experts explore what the new standard known as the Experience API ( or “Tin Can”) can do for your organization today and how it will shape where the industry goes next.

iBooks, Google+ Hangouts, and the Future of Learning Technologies

Friday, November 2, 9:45a

Alex Lindsay, The Pixel Corps

Description coming soon.