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Find Curated Resources & Information
on the #DevLearn Backchannel

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas, make sure you tune into the curated conference backchannel to find valuable resources and information being shared at DevLearn|12.

Visit http://devlearn.hashcaster.com and follow all the conference action in real time. Participate in the excitement by adding the official hashtag #DevLearn to your tweets.

  • Explore the Backchannel Resources List vetted by David Kelly, our Backchannel Curator
  • View real-time updates, news, and blog posts from DevLearn|12
  • Connect with other learning professionals on Twitter
  • Share experiences, thoughts, photos and videos from the conference
  • Stay current on the biggest takeaways from the event

Backchannel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conference backchannel?
A conference backchannel is a tremendously valuable way for both conference attendees and non-attendees to enhance their conference-related learning through the use of technology, typically on a social media site such as Twitter. The conference backchannel is a place where conference attendees can maintain real-life conversations alongside live events at the conference.
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What can I find on the conference backchannel?
On the conference backchannel conference attendees can share their thoughts and ideas about the information being shared with others. It could be as simple as taking notes and sharing them with the world at large. What’s more exciting about this sharing is it extends beyond just notes from the presentation. Conference attendees share their own thoughts and experiences about the content. They share additional resources that add to those shared by the speakers. In short, through their sharing, they expand the content and become a part of the presentation.
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What is Hashcaster?
Hashcaster is a real-time Twitter curation platform setup by your DevLearn organizer to help you find the best content tweeted at DevLearn and to help you easily identify and connect with top influencers.
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How can I access Hashcaster?
You can access the DevLearn Hashcaster site through your web browser, smartphone or tablet by visiting http://devlearn.hashcaster.com.
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How do I use my smartphone to contribute content?
Contribute to the content by sending out a tweet with the hashtag #DevLearn from your mobile device or visit http://devlearn.hashcaster.com from your smartphone.
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Why should I use Hashcaster?
Keeping up with a fast trending hashtag on Twitter can be like drinking from a fire hose. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all those #DevLearn tweets, links, photos and videos generated by the thousands of attendees and non-attendees at the event. Hashcaster solves this problem by curating all this content into organized channels that you can view at any time through the DevLearn Hashcaster web site.
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How do I get my tweets, links, photos & videos on Hashcaster?
Hashcaster does all the work. You simply include DevLearn’s hashtag, #DevLearn, in your tweets and the Hashcaster system looks after the rest. It’s that simple.
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How do I become a Top Influencer on Hashcaster?
Becoming a top influencer depends on a whole range of factors that help the system identify those people that have the most positive impact on the hashtag community. Although there is no way to guarantee that you’ll become a top influencer, the following do’s and don’ts can help increase the likelihood that you’ll make the list.

  • Tweet unique tweets with relevant content frequently.
  • Get a story published on Hashcaster by tweeting high quality links to topical articles and blogs.
  • Contribute photos or videos to Hashcaster.
  • Retweet interesting and relevant tweets form other community members.
  • Have a high Klout score.
  • Have lots of followers in the hashtag community.
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Some Final Tips?
Engage in conversation (don’t be shy), don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say in public, and support fellow Tweeps with generosity and good will. Have fun!
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